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Exercise Programs

Lower Back Exercises

  • The low back exercise program is a series of stretching exercises and strengthening exercises prescribed for medical conditions. The purpose of this program is to improve the flexibility and strength of trunk musculatures essential for low back care. By following this program on a regular basis, patients begin to see improvements in posture, work endurance and athletic performance.

Neck Exercises

  • These neck exercises can keep your neck muscles flexible and strong. A regular neck exercise program can help relieve stiffness and muscle tension.

Shoulder Exercises

  • The shoulder exercise guide is a series of regular exercises to help restore your normal shoulder motion and flexibility and gradually return to everyday work and recreational activities.

Knee Exercises

  • Having strong, flexible muscles is the best way to keep knees healthy and prevent further injury.

Health Articles

This information is not intended as a substitute for proper health care. Please contact Center for Pain Management if you experience any pain or are unsure of how many exercises to do, or how often to do them. 

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Center for Pain Management
Center for Pain Management
Center for Pain Management